SMEDAR Materials Recovery Facility, modernized by Ar-Val, was unveiled on 27th June 2017. A pilot plant for the extension of plastic sorting, the Materials Recovery Facility currently sorts 13 tonnes / hour, or 35 000 tonnes / year of source-separated municipal solid waste. Entirely automated, this highly mechanized plant includes six optical sorters and meets […]

SMED CITT Cannes Materials Recovery Facility

Modernized by Ar-Val and operated by Paprec, CITT Materials Recovery Facility in Cannes (France) was unveiled on 3rd February 2017. Il can now sort 36 000 tonnes / year of source-separated municipal solid waste for SMED. It is equipped with the latest technologies, including nine optical separators. The new line allows the local authority to […]

SMTD 64 Sévignac

SMTD 64 Materials Recovery Facility in Sévignac (France) was unveiled on 7th October 2017. Innovative and very modern, the Materials Recovery Facility designed and produced by Ar-Val, treats 22 000 tonnes / year of source-separated municipal solid waste. The sorting process includes a number of latest-generation machines, including six optical sorters and four ballistic separators.

A new Materials Recovery Facility for Valtris at Charleroi

Modernized by Ar-Val, Valtris Materials Recovery Facility at Charleroi (Belgium) began production in summer 2017. It currently sorts 8 tonnes / hour of waste packaging: plastic bottles and containers, metallic packaging and drinks containers. With its highly automated sorting line, this Materials Recovery Facility is the largest and most modern in Wallonia.