Once again operational in the first half of 2021, the SYCTOM Paris sorting center in Nanterre will have selective collection sorting capacity in addition to the sorting instructions to all plastic packaging of 55,000 tonnes per year. Enough to meet the important needs of this facility which receives selective collection from around thirty municipalities. The work was entrusted to a consortium made up of PAPREC / COVED, INDDIGO, LA SUPERSTRUCTURE and AR-VAL.

Designed in 2004, the Nanterre sorting center has already undergone modernization in 2012, to improve its recovery performance and the ergonomics of its process. The waste is sorted and separated by type of material, before going to the recycling channels.

The regulations are more and more ambitious in terms of sustainable development and plastic packaging is not left out! The law on energy transition for green growth provides for the generalization throughout France of the extension of sorting instructions to all plastic packaging by 2022.

To meet this regulatory requirement and the growing needs for sorting capacity at Syctom Paris, including the extension of sorting instructions to all plastic and metal packaging, Ar-Val experts have designed this new process in order to to promote the best operating and maintenance conditions. The emphasis was in particular on the robustness and performance of the process, while helping to improve the working conditions of operators: the installation will also benefit from better management of dust and lighting, in the compliance with different standards.

The maintenance of the sorting chain will be facilitated by better access to the equipment: the installation will include all the paths (walkways, stairs, ladders) necessary for the movement of personnel, for the maintenance and operation of all process equipment.

Despite COVID-19 and the confinement period, work was able to resume at the start of this summer. Mobilized on the site, the AR-VAL process assembly teams work in partnership with the other members of the consortium so that this plant is operational in the first half of 2021.

Designer of the very first sorting center in France to extend the lockers (with a capacity of over 30,000 tonnes per year) in the Oise in 2012, AR-VAL has built or adapted more than 15 sorting centers to integrate the extension of the instructions to all plastic packaging.