SMTD 64 (France) Materials Recover Facility


Sévignacq ( France)

SMTD 64 Materials Recovery Facility is designed to sort 22 000 tonnes / year

SMTD 64, Sévignacq, France

SMTD 64 Materials Recovery Facility is designed to sort a full range of plastic packaging, including films. Its highly automated sorting line includes

  • 6 Optical separators
  • 4 Ballistic separators
  • 10 hoppers for temporary storage of sorted material
  • 1 Baling Press for baling the different sorted material: plastsics, paper, cardboard, aluminum and food packaging.

In order to significantly improve working conditions for operators, this plant meets the latest ergonomics and health and safety standards (French standard X35-702). Ergonomics are improved for operators, thus allowing them to focus on sorting quality control.

SMTD 64 Materials Recovery Facility is equipped with a Recyfilms module, developed by Ar-Val, which is the only automated system able to sort PE films to approximately 95% purity.

This plant is fully connected and is equipped with Ar-Val’s latest supervision innovations:

Key figures

  • Population served: 290 000 inhabitants
  • MRF Capacity: 22 000 tonnes / year
  • Throughput of 8 tonnes/hour

Recyclables sorted

  • Plastic resins: LDPE, PS, PP, light PET, dark PET, HDPE
  • Cartons for liquids
  • Mixed paper and card recyclables
  • Cardboard
  • Recyclable household packaging
  • Paper – magazines
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

With our software solutions Ar-Val Prod®, Ar-Val GMAO®, Ar-Val Remote® and Ar-Val Prod Mobile® we can offer: :

  • Complete automation of your installation.
  • Control and optimization of your production.
  • The possibility to visualize performance in real time.
  • A financial approach, with production of detailed summaries.
  • Real time configuration of all the equipment.

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